Title insurance in the UK was established over a decade ago and is now fully integrated into the property buying and lending process. Traditionally policies have protected mortgage lenders and property owners against; defects in the title to the property, ownership issues, falsification of documents and deeds and the validity and enforceability of mortgages.

This specialist market requires a high degree of expertise and an innovative approach to deal with the changing market needs, attributes which CLS Title both possesses and delivers through a wide range of traditional title insurance and other risk elimination products including:
  • Full Title Insurance
  • Mini Title Insurance
  • Owners Policies
  • Valuation Indemnity
  • Tenants Policies
  • Sale & Rent Back Policies
  • Asset Title Policies
  • Shared Ownership Policies
  • Buildings Insurance Contingency
  • Broker Indemnity
  • Block Contingencies

Policies are generally available in all the UK jurisdictions of England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

They can apply to 1st Charge or 2nd Charge loans, CCA lending, remortgages and purchase transactions, as well as non-property based lending.

CLS Title brings you; Competitive premiums, Comprehensive range of policies, Depth of expertise, Immediate response to queries, Service your demands, Consultancy Services and Process Advice.